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Oto with white patch.

It could be a variety of things, mainly because the description of the
growth could be more exhaustive.
If it is fungus, which looks like a white cottony collection usually round
the mouth parts, vent, but also at every point of injury where physical
damage has been incurred, it should have got better with the proprietary
medication [ with which I am unfamiliar ] ... always assuming you were using
the right kind of treatment, at the right dosage, and for a sufficient
length of time. Be cautious of the fact, however, that otos are very
sensitive to medication. A way out is to actually handle the fish physically
in your hand, and if you are convinced it really is fungus, gently remove it
manually. Then return the fish to the water. This procedure will have to be
repeated at intervals and on several occasions.However, eventually, you will
find yourself beating the problem.
A second possibility is a bacterial sore, but this is usually in the form of
an ulcer with a red angry base, so I will not dwell on this further, as the
symptoms don't match.
A skin tumor is a possibility. The occurrence of these increases in
frequency with age, and may be both malignant [ lethal ] or benign [
harmless ]. Just because you observe one single tumor visible, does not mean
that there won't be others, some internal, and with a fish this size
definitely out of reach. But the skin tumor is best excised, and for this
you need to approach a vet trained in dealing with fish problems [ very few
are ].
The third thing is that you say the oto is now 2 years old. That is a fair
age, and spontaneous changes in pigmentation are more common as time goes
by. It might be just a hypopigmented spot. In which case it will be smooth,
and not resemble a growth.
Better stop here for now, or I will take up the entirety of the Digest. But
please send a more detailed description of the lesion and I might be of some
actual help.