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Re:PMDD and a NON CO2 tank

> I guess I should have posed the question a little better. Is it needed is
> what I really want to know. Most of the plants are slow growing, but there
> will be a lot of plants taking nutrients soley from the water column. Aside
> from the K2SO4 will the fish produce enough of the other nutrients to keep
> the slow growers happy? Or should I dose with a comercial fert on a weekly
> basis?
> I'm not looking for exponential plant growth. I'll only see the tank once a
> week.
> And CO2 isn't an option for this one.

Well then this is easy, add more fish for nutrients if it seems like that
might be the issue with the plant growth. The best kind to add? Algae
eaters. This is the whole idea, not to need dosing of iron etc to the water
column. A Slow growth _patient_ tank. If you're seeing the tank once a week,
I'd just keep it simple. Some plants might not make it, some will do well.
Simply phase out the ones that don' and fill in with the ones that do.
Keep an eye on the plants and see how their health is doing. You are going
to have to play around a little to see how things are going to go. You do
NOT get to have everything a CO2, PMDD tank has. There are trade offs.
Tom Barr  

> Later
> James