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Re: Where to buy [plants]?

Michael Batts asked:

<Michael at whatisdat_com>
> Subject: Where to buy?
> All:
> Where is the best place to mail-order plants.  I am looking for qood
> quality, reasonable price, and good customer service.  Mainly looking
> for
> basic, easy to grow plants.  Nothing particularly hard to find.

There are several well-respected places that might suit you and your
needs.  Try an order with Aquabotanic.com .  The proprietor will suit
you but he won't sue you.  ;-)  I have no affiliation with the company
or the owner other than having made several purchases and been very
pleased each time.  Robert (coincidentally) H., the proprietor worked
hard to accomodate a number of special requests on my part.

Aquabotanic can get you some types of high quality dry goods also.


to go directly to the plants for sale page, use this address


Scott H.

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