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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #85

Tom Barr said:

> Let me pose a question to your question.
> If a plant is roughly 40% carbon and about 3% PMDD, would adding CO2 or
> be more prudent if your goal is have better plant growth? If you are
> to add PMDD you obviously desire better plants growth.
> If you want the plants to grow fast, add CO2 AND perhaps some P.M.D.D. not
> simply PMDD by itself. That's the idea behind the non CO2 thing,
> balances, less maintenance slower growth etc. Not using/needing the PMDD
> all. When you add the CO2 in a low light tank such as yours, adding PMDD
> could easily be accomplished once a week rather than every 2-3 days.
I guess I should have posed the question a little better. Is it needed is
what I really want to know. Most of the plants are slow growing, but there
will be a lot of plants taking nutrients soley from the water column. Aside
from the K2SO4 will the fish produce enough of the other nutrients to keep
the slow growers happy? Or should I dose with a comercial fert on a weekly
I'm not looking for exponential plant growth. I'll only see the tank once a
And CO2 isn't an option for this one.