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Re: anubias blooming

Robert wrote some time ago.  “been lurking on this
list for a couple of years.....dont have a "real"
tank, but i love reading all the posts and such.  one
day maybe i will have a 
tank just devoted to plants...

anyway, i have a 50 gallon tank that has 3 LARGE
goldfish in it and i have 
planted it with crinums and anubias.  so far, so good.
 the plants are all 
growing well....crinums are wrapped around the top of
the tank already!   i 
thought that my 2 anubias nanas were getting new
leaves, but now i think they 
are about to bloom.  is this a good thing?  can i cut
them off to promote 
vegetative growth?  the focus of this tank is really
the fish, but im just 
curious about the anubias.  please forgive my lack of
knowledge.  thanks, 

Hello Folks,

Home remodeling and other non-plant related interests
have kept me from reading my APD messages.  Recently,
I plowed thru about 3 months worth of APD messages. 
Wow, what an angry group of posters there were.  A
pity.  Anyhow, I didn’t see a reply to Robert’s post,
hopefully, I’m not too late.

 “The plants are growing well”.  Your Anubias plants
are about to bloom.  Fantastic!  Why sell your efforts
short?  It sounds to me like you have a “real” planted

I have always enjoyed the Anubias flowers, so, yes,
it’s a good thing IMO.  You can cut the blooms off if
you wish, but I have never noticed a flower impacting
the growth rate of Anubias.  

Keep up the good work!

Warren, MI

newellcr at yahoo_com

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