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Re:small amount of peat

> Could you define a "small amount" of peat? I'm hoping to get around to
> setting up a new large tank soon and am looking for some long-term
> substrate ideas. I'm planning to use flourite since I've had excellent
> results with it in the past.
> -Bill

It is pretty arbitrary for a reason. I left it open to experimentation of
the user. I add about a handful(there's some high tech measurement) per sq
ft. You can add more if you desire.

If you plan a non CO2 tank, I would add perhaps 1 inch dry and pile on 3-4
inches of flourite or onyx with a bunch of mulm added. I don't think it will
hurt if add none or a lot really, you might get better results. I have not
yet done a non CO2 peat tank with onyx but my inclination is that it would
work/do very well over time.

Flourite tanks using a non CO2 method have really impressed me and also
looked very nice. The 10 gallon with hairgrass and crypts has been taken
down since my sister now has a baby and has time to deal with unfortunately.
I'm not sure why she thought this to be an issue, she never did that much to
tend it. I'd come in once every 3 month or so and trim plants maybe do a
water change/filter cleaning etc. That's about it. They finally started
adding water for evaporation but they always fed the fish (30sec a day).
I'll set up one of my 20 gallon tanks up this fall this way. Should be fun.

Tom Barr