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Re: Forceps vs. Tweezers vs Hemostats

Dave pointed out a good tool and, I suppose, a delicate touch:

> I have a pair of 12" tweezers from Arizona Aquatic Gardens. I have
> used them 
> for 2+ years and have never had a problem planting the most delicate
> stems 
> next to each other. Mine will grip with a very light finger pressure.
> I see 
> no need for forceps, but whatever floats your boat, or plant!

You can find tweezers such as these ($13 for 12") that are cheaper than
foreceps or hemostats and you can find the reverse is sometimes true --
for example, the Harborfreight hemostats @ 16" for $9.

For tools about 12" or loonger the prices seem to range from about $8
bucks to over $100 (for the true surgical quality tools -- of course,
the quality of tool a surgeon uses depends on the quality of the
surgeon).   A good but cheap item adequate for planting is always a
find regardless of design.  Who can complain about options?

One value of hemostats is that, as vascular clamps, they are designed
to hold without crushing what's between the jaws (within limits).  For
the less dexterous folks like me, that's worth a couple bucks. ;-)

Scott H.

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