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Re: Foreceps as an alternative to plant weights

Dave Millman asked:

> Are these the ones? Harbor Freight does return a result for "forcep"
> or 
> "forceps" from their search engine.
> True confession: I don't know the difference between a forcep and a 
> tweezer. Or forceps and tweezers for that matter.

These are tweezers.  The forceps you can find sometimes under "HEMOS"
or "HEMOSTATS."  With Harborfreight it's hard to tell form one week to
the next.  They have what they have and it isn't always listed in the
database the same way.  Also, I think the search function is case
sensitive, which can be a pain if you don't know to try all upper/all

This 16" hemostat is an item they have from time to time:


You can try looking for hemostats at drugstores or at electronics
houses like 


but long ones that are cheap (not true medical quality but adequate for
planting purposes) are hard to find.  $9 bucks is cheap for a pair of
high quality, small hemostats.

If you find the locking mechanism a pain, you can dut it off with a
hacksaw easily.  Personally, I find the mechanism helpfull for

harborfrieght also has long needlenose pliers:



that are cheap.

BTW.  I think that, technically speaking, the only difference between
forceps and tweezers is that the latter are generally small pincers for
grabbing very small items and forceps are larger.  "Forceps" is more
often used for tongs with a scissor-like hinge-action and "tweezers"
for small tongs the arms of which are welded to each other at one end. 
But I'm pretty sure that there are no laws about this usage of the the
terms.  ;-)

Good Luck,
Scott H.

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