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Re: Re: High tech gadget?

-Robert H said, in part:
> The fact that this unit heats water as well as
> dropping
> the temp sounded interesting. I was looking at Champion Lighting,
> http://www.championlighting.com at their selection of chillers with
> all
> sorts of specifications, and none were under $500.

Last year I did a cost comparison, based on BTU/hour ratings and
couldn't find a peltier (thremoelectric solid state device) arrangement
that would cost less than a conventional chiller.  At that time I
decided that these chips were good for cooling in very small areas --
and would have limited speical applicances for some appliance cabinets
where using cloroflorocarbon gas chillers would be a problem.  But the
price of the equipment designed with these chips had not come down
enough to make them practical for aquarium use.

Hopefully, that is all slowly changing.

Scott H.

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