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Re: Skunk Cabbage

John Wheeler wrote of Skunk Cabbage:

>Chuck, this plant is near to my childhood heart,
>because my friend's and I would roam the forrest
>behind our houses and find this plant....Here comes
>the good part:
>We would take long, thin sticks and cut the skunk
>cabbage into into ribbons. Then, in typical little boy
>fashion, we would chase each other all around and try
>to smear the scent in each others hair with the
>shreds. After just being within a few feet of the
>shredded leaves we would smell like the plant anyway,
>so it was all moot. hehe....those were the days.

LOL!  I think I'll be scratching Skunk Cabbage off my list of aroids to 
look for.  I walk a fine enough line with the significant other as it is, 
especially when it comes to my hobbies.  One whiff of skunk and she'd have 
my head :)  I thought the name sounded ominous.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee