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Re: High tech gadget?

First I'd like to correct a mistake I made in my previous post:  Bob 
Goeman's review of the IceProbe is in the *May* issue of FAMA, not the 
April issue as I had stated.

Also, I failed to mention that the IceProbe has an optional controller 
available that costs around $49 USD.

 >>Robert asked:  "Are there any other important specifications not listed
here that should be considered when choosing a chiller?"

Cavan stated:  "The main thing about the Iceprobe is that you can get it
for $100 and that's WAY cheaper than any other chiller."<<

The cooling capacity of a chiller as it relates to the size of the tank(s) 
you want to cool is very important.  This is where the IceProbe can lose 
its cost advantage over traditional chillers.

The IceProbe will cool 10 gallons about 6 degrees F below ambient, 20 
gallons about 3 degrees F, and 40 gallons about 1.5 degrees F.  Get the 
idea?  As Scott pointed out, it would take a sizeable array of them to cool 
a large tank much.  However, an array of IceProbes would take up less room, 
not require plumbing (other than drilling the holes for the bulkhead 
fittings), and they are relatively energy efficient compared to a 
compressor.  Goeman did state that the IceProbe would cool a 
"fully-insulated" 10 gallon tank 20 degrees F below ambient, so the actual 
performance of the unit can be tweaked some.

The IceProbe is designed/used for everything from organ transport to 
homebrewing and not just aquaria.  Since the Azoo product is likely 
designed specifically with aquaria in mind, it may prove to be a more 
desirable product.  I share the feeling that it won't be cheap, though.

In the end, it really depends on just how much cooling you want/need as to 
which type of chiller is "best".

 >>Robert: "The fact that this unit heats water as well
    as dropping the temp sounded interesting."<<

Simply reversing the polarity of the power supply will switch the 
thermoelectric unit from a cooler to a heater.  Conventional chillers will 
heat, too.  For now, I think I'll stick with my Ebo-Jagers for heating. :)
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee