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Re: Re: High tech gadget?

>>Robert H, of the West Coast Hs and so no relation to me, who is
descended from a line of Midwest and East Coast Hs  ;-), said:<<

No, no midwest heritage! Grew up in Boston, came to California when I was
21, moved to Oregon 20 years later...
There used to be someone on this list named Scott Hudson which I would
always get confused with YOU, Scott Hieber.. and both of you contributed to
the defense fund...

>>Thermoelectric solid state devices have been around for a
while and generally their price per BTU/hr capacity is very high
compared to conventional "Freon" chillers that compress and expand
chlorflorocarbon gases to move heat around.<<

Thats the kind of missing info I was wondering about...AZOO doesnt give much
in the way of technical specs...no big surprise there for an Asian
company...so I wondered about BTUs, voltage and so forth... is it common for
most chillers to be heaters as well? I thought that was sort of unique, but
I'm getting the impression thats commonplace?

Robert Paul H...