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Re: High tech gadget?

Robert H, of the West Coast Hs and so no relation to me, who is
descended from a line of Midwest and East Coast Hs  ;-), said:

> Here is something for you high tech gadget people... Azoo has
> announced a
> new combined chiller/heater that is small in size. These are the
> features it
> lists:
> 1. Uses a thermoelectric chip, so there is no need to add freon due
> to
> leakage, or deal with a noisy compressor.
Don't know but it sounds like a thermoelectric solid state device.  If
so, these are kind of neat devices, with no moving parts in the
chiller/ heater except for an external fan and possibly a mechnical
relay in the thermostatic controller.  So there is no compressor --
Hey, can you turn that compressor off, I'm trying to talk in here. 
When you apply current, they actually move heat from one side of the
chip to the other.  Put the cold side in the water and a fan onthe hot
side and you've got a water chiller -- turn it around, it's a water
heater.  Thermoelectric solid state devices have been around for a
while and generally their price per BTU/hr capacity is very high
compared to conventional "Freon" chillers that compress and expand
chlorflorocarbon gases to move heat around.

You can see thermoelectric solid state devices here


and a small one (the IceProbe) can be had at the Dr.s Foster & Smith
(enter address all on one line)


They are relatively energy efficient and IceProbe style would probably
work best on a sump, where a large array would not be unsightly.  The
Azoo type appears to be built into a sump of it's own and is meant to
be inserted in-line in a water line, as you would do with a
conventional chiller.

BTW, this is the Azoo address with the spiel:


Have fun,
Scott H.

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