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Re: Foreceps as an alternative to plant weights


Thanks for your forceps tutorial!

At 12:48 AM 5/8/02, Alan Kaufmann wrote:
>   g.. 18" stainless steel forceps can be purchased for $8.99 from
>Harbor Freight.  Some hobbyists expressed concern that the forceps
>have tiny teeth, worried I guess that the forceps would eat their
>plants. :>)  Those tiny teeth will not hurt your plants, and if they
>were not there you would have to exert more pressure to hold the
>plant, which might be enough to crush the plant.  So appreciated and
>do not fear the teeth.

Are these the ones? Harbor Freight does return a result for "forcep" or 
"forceps" from their search engine.


True confession: I don't know the difference between a forcep and a 
tweezer. Or forceps and tweezers for that matter.

Dave Millman
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