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Re: High tech gadget?

>>This sounds very much like Coolworks, Inc.'s "IceProbe"
(www.coolworksinc.com).  It runs about $99 USD.  Look in the April FAMA for
a review by Bob Goemans.  I suspect both the IceProbe and the Azoo product
are peltier devices.  Check out http://www.peltier-info.com/ for
info.  These devices are quite popular with folks who overclock CPU's<<

Thats interesting. The DIY thing sounds cool as well... Are there any other
important specifications not listed here that should be considered when
choosing a chiller? The fact that this unit heats water as well as dropping
the temp sounded interesting. I was looking at Champion Lighting,
http://www.championlighting.com at their selection of chillers with all
sorts of specifications, and none were under $500.

Robert Paul Hudson