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Lighting for a 30+ gallon tank?

What kind of lighting should I use?

I have a ~34 gallon tank.  It is a 30 "tall" tank, so it is 24 inches wide
under the hood.  Currently, it is lit by 2 20watt fluorescent
"grow/aquarium" tubes.  I have cylinder co2 injection at ~22.

I have mostly lower light plants now:
Java Fern
Pigmy "chain" sword

I also have 3 discus and 15 or so cardinal tetras.

My plants seem to be doing OK, but the algae is over competing them.  I
think this may be due to a lack of lighting.  What does this group recommend
for a tank this size?  I don't want to blind my discus, and everything must
fit in the 24 inch hood.

-Jeremy White