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Re: Lotus seeds

zxcvbob asked about sprouted "lotus" seedling handling.

What you have is the real lotus, emergent plant with large
banana-chain style tubers in the soil and very large round
leaves in the air and massive very fragrant blooms above the
foliage.  The aquarium plant "lotus" is a double misnomer. 
They are water lilies.  One particular water lily is called
the "Blue Lotus of the Nile", confusing Nymphea with
Nelembo.  The aquarium plants for unknown reason follow this
path rather than calling them bonsai water lilies or
something more accurate, as you suspected.

You've got the proper handling aced.  If you have lawn
service, cover or otherwise protect the lotus during
treatments.  I've lost barreled lotus from neighbor's lawn
services.  They seem hypersensitive to me.