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Re: High tech gadget?

Robert Hudson wrote:

>Here is something for you high tech gadget people... Azoo has announced a
>new combined chiller/heater that is small in size. These are the features it
>1. Uses a thermoelectric chip, so there is no need to add freon due to
>leakage, or deal with a noisy compressor.
>2. Thermostat control accurately sets temperature in the range of 10-30
>Celsius (50-86 Fahrenheit).
>3. Processes metals out of the water using a titanium sump, helping to
>prevent rust. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
>4. Capable of lowering the temperature of 100-200L (26-53 gal.) of water by
>8 degrees Celsius while room temperature is 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees
>5. Small, convenient and easy to install.
>6. LCD display.
>7. Thermal fuse protection.
>Perhaps one of the engineers out here can explain what number 7 means? Any
>comments? Any limitations, possible problems? I do not know what the pricing
>is on this yet.

This sounds very much like Coolworks, Inc.'s "IceProbe" 
(www.coolworksinc.com).  It runs about $99 USD.  Look in the April FAMA for 
a review by Bob Goemans.  I suspect both the IceProbe and the Azoo product 
are peltier devices.  Check out http://www.peltier-info.com/ for 
info.  These devices are quite popular with folks who overclock CPU's.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee