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Re: High tech gadget?

>From: "Robert H" <robertph3 at attbi_com>
>Here is something for you high tech gadget people... Azoo has announced a
>new combined chiller/heater that is small in size. These are the features it
>1. Uses a thermoelectric chip, so there is no need to add freon due to
>leakage, or deal with a noisy compressor.
>2. Thermostat control accurately sets temperature in the range of 10-30
>Celsius (50-86 Fahrenheit).
>3. Processes metals out of the water using a titanium sump, helping to
>prevent rust. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
>4. Capable of lowering the temperature of 100-200L (26-53 gal.) of water by
>8 degrees Celsius while room temperature is 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees
>5. Small, convenient and easy to install.
>6. LCD display.
>7. Thermal fuse protection.
>Perhaps one of the engineers out here can explain what number 7 means? Any
>comments? Any limitations, possible problems? I do not know what the pricing
>is on this yet.

I'm not an engineer, but number 7 means the device is protected by thermal 
fuse in case it overheats. There are many different kind of thermal fuses. 
Some can be reset, some have to be replaced.

This could be a nice DIY project too. You can buy 156 Watt Peltiers 
(thermoelectric chips) for less then $30. Get some heatsink, fan, plastic 
hose and put it in-line with your canister filter.

If anybody wants to know more about Peltiers and how to use them, search 
here http://www.google.com for 'cpu cooling peltier' ( since Peltier is 
also very good for cooling your overclocked CPU :-]]   )

I hope this was not too far off topic.

Cambridge, ON

[[[ Celeron 300A clocked to 450Mhz cooled by heatsink only (no Peltier or 
fan) ]]]
[[[ 20 gal. tank - 30 watts of light ]]]
[[[ 30 gal. - 72 watts ]]]