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Re: Name that deficiency

My bet is CO2. Go back and check it AM vs PM and compare to the chart.High K 
will not bother this plant. I've had K at 50ppm for some length oftime. Never 
saw any issues with that and I kept many species.When you are stumped, do a 
big 50% water change and add the nutrients backinto the tank. Be patient and 
repeat.Add after water change:1/8 teaspoon of KH2PO440mls of tracesMake sure 
the CO2 is 25ppm or so.Wait and test to see the NO3's and PO4.Add KNO3 if 
needed or PO4.Add traces every 3rd day or so. Don't worry about the tested 
iron level.Feed your fish.Regards, Tom Barr

I'm positive it's not co2. I have a ph controller with a brand new probe and 
an old ph monitor with a brand new probe, and they both agree. Kh is 3.5-4.0 
and ph is set for 6.6 so with the controller the highest it ever goes is 6.7. 
Tom I thought I heard you say that you raise your Iron up to 1.0- is that 
straight tmg or is it the normal dose of tmg + iron? 

Jeff Vamos
cessnabum1 at aol_com