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Re: Jeff's tank

> I have the lamotte kit ca and mg. Here's the results tank water 160ppm total
> 80ppm ca.  tap water 100 total 70 ca. the tank vary's because I was adding
> magnesium sulfate and calcium carbonate. The tap is perfect isn't it? The
> right ratio too? I also just tested for potassium with lamotte and got a
> reading around 40 maybe slightly higher. Is this a range that could cause
> problems.

Well rule out GH/K.

> about 20 hours ago I raised my iron to a reading of .4 I just
> tested it and it is pretty much 0. it might have the slightest color less
> than .05. I just did a huge water change to bring the K level down and get
> the gh closer to the taps numbers. I also added 40 ml tmg. I'm afraid of
> overdosing traces and that's it because I have no way of testing.

I do not place confidence in any iron test kit. I do place far more
confidence in adding a certain volume of a trace mix into a known volume of
water. That is a much more accurate way to dose traces IMO.

> I'm 
> positive it's not N or P. The high K could be the problem. can you tell me by
> my recent results?

My bet is CO2. Go back and check it AM vs PM and compare to the chart.
High K will not bother this plant. I've had K at 50ppm for some length of
time. Never saw any issues with that and I kept many species.

When you are stumped, do a big 50% water change and add the nutrients back
into the tank. Be patient and repeat.
Add after water change:
1/8 teaspoon of KH2PO4
40mls of traces
Make sure the CO2 is 25ppm or so.
Wait and test to see the NO3's and PO4.
Add KNO3 if needed or PO4.
Add traces every 3rd day or so. Don't worry about the tested iron level.
Feed your fish.
Tom Barr

> Thanks 
> Jeff Vamos
> cessnabum 1 at aol_com