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Plant Weights - An alternative?

Hi Folks,

Ive been thinking about a possible alternative to using lead plant weights, and Ive had an idea, but Id like to throw it open for criticism before trying it to see what people think, and to hear what possible down sides there might be.

The idea is to get a sheet of thick, unbleached, untreated cardboard, and cut it into disks about an inch in diameter, then to cut a small hole in the centre, along with a slot from the outside edge to the inside hole.

Then Id use the slot to fit small, awkward to root plants into the inner hole, mounting it so it lightly grips their stems just above the root.

Next, Id burry this ring just below the surface of the gravel. The large diameter of the ring should prevent the plant from breaking free of the gravel, as it would act like an anchor rather than a weight.

Within a few weeks, however, the cardboard should loose its consistency and begin to break down, freeing the now rooted plant from any growth restrictions.

I think the main drawback would be pollution. Anyone have any idea about what small amounts of decomposing cardboard will have on a tanks biological load? It is after all just wood pulp.

Id appreciate any feedback the APD members have to contribute.