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Re: Weird e-mails

I've gotten them on two separate occasions, both over a year ago.  The
second time I replied for more info, as they were, as you mentioned, really
strange.  The guy was really dodgy about what was going on, and stopped
emailing when I asked some very pointed questions about the money's origins.
There are some very sketchy things going on in Nigeria in terms of fighting
and human rights abuses, and I suspect it may be an attempt to launder money
through US accounts, but I have no proof other than opinion about this.
I'll be curious to hear about other's encounters.

Justin Collins

> Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 12:36:30 -0500
> From: "Gamera" <Gamera at attbi_com>
> Subject: Weird E-mails
> Has anyone else on this list received a weird e-mail from "Blessing Musa"
> regarding importation of goods into Nigeria and the use of personal bank
> accounts to hold millions of dollars?  This very odd e-mail was sent to my
> e-mail account, which is used only for APD and TAOPA.  So, I don't know
> else they could have gotten my e-mail address except for scouring the
> archives.  What is also odd is that the e-mail was addressed solely to me,
> not a whole list of other recipients.  Just wondering if anyone else got
> this?
> - -Gamera