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Re: "Liquid potassium calculations"

> From: "Matt & Linda Crocker" <crockerm at peak_org>
> Subject: liquid potassium calculations
> I have liquid K2O, 25% potassium and 17% sulfur and I don't know how
> to measure it out.  What amount would I add to a 60g tank to get to
> 20ppm?

	The first question is what you actually have there.  It definitely
isn't "K2O" - that is an artefact of the obsolete analysis numbers given
for fertilisers.  With potassium and sulphur there, I would wonder if it
might contain potassium sulphate, but that is nowhere near soluble enough in
water to give 25% potassium, and the K/S ratio is way off.

	60 U.S. gallons is about 230 litres, so you would need 4.6 grams
of potassium to get there.  I find the "25%" very difficult to believe
(in a liquid), so I don't think it is sufficient just to multiply the
4.6 grams by 4.  I think some more investigation of this stuff is called

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada