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RE: Weird E-mails


Those banking e-mails from Nigeria are well-known scams. Delete them. No
one is going to pay $8 million dollars to borrow a bank account. My wife is
a nationally know fraud investigator. Here's what she says:

"What you received is known as a "419 scheme," named after the Nigerian law
it breaks.  It's designed to separate people from their moeny.  Most people
think the scheme is that the sender wants to empty your bank account once
they get the number-- not even close.  It's far more complicated.

"The fraudsters lure their victims into a "business" deal to help import
cash into the United States.  They convince the dupe to first pay off
corrupt Nigerian officials, then squeeze more money out of the mark by
soliciting tax fees.  If the victim is dumb enough to be still awaiting his
share of the loot after turning over several hundred thousand dollars, they
may then try to lure the poor sucker out of the country-- where they ransom
him back to his already broke family.  Some victims have been killed by the
Nigerian cons, others lose all of their savings."

Mike Wickham