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Re: algae ID

> I think I see side branches, and so it is probably Cladophora---one of the
> worst!  Keep after it or it will cover everything.  Remove every bit you
> see! starve your SAE's! Get exotic and hideously expensive shrimp!

Another vote for Cladophora.

I think it might be the algae ball "babies".
 Slow growing, seems to likes the current and will pearl also? Attaches only
to non living surfaces? If those algae balls send out zoospores, they will
attach and form slow growing clumps. These can be pulled off and floated to
grow more ball shaped algae.
I've had it attach to filter pipes and spray bars. NH4 seemed to make it
produce gametes. It never did that till I added some to several tanks awhile
back. If you upset the tank a fair amount, this is the likely source. If you
have a ball or have plants from a  tank that does, that might be where you
got it.
If this sounds like your beast, SAE's, shrimps etc will not eat it. It does
grow slow, doesn't attach to plants and is easy to remove if you want by
picking it out. 
Tom Barr

> Paul Krombholz in summer-like central Mississippi, getting some much-needed
> rain, today.