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Re: name that deficiency

Why is your nitrate sohigh? With that much light you should have to add 
nitrate very often tokeep it from bottoming out.

My nitrate is high because I was adding kno3 and it's not being used up! 
everything is  in line except iron is 0. I know the kit is right because I 
get a reading after dosing, It just gets sucked up so fast. I'm afraid of 

 30 ml TMG 3x a week seems like a lot and I am trying tofigure out why your 
iron reads zero. Is this a new tank? I notice thatplants in newly set up 
tanks show deficiencies like this but it goesaway after a while. If your 
lights are new you are going to have quite abit more light during the lamp 
burn in period.I say you should double check your iron test kit with a 
referencesolution. I think TMG has the iron content on the label. You can 
dilutesome of the TMG to make a reference solution. If the test kit checks 
outthen I would trust the test kit and add traces until you do get areading. 
If that doesn't work only then would I start looking for someweird 

The tank is 2 months old. I had an algae problem that was due to low co2. 
thank tom barr. I had a strange ph probe that read the calibration solutions 
correct, but my tank water incorrect- even if I took a sample of water out of 
the tank. I dealt with lou from hawaiin marine, I sent him the probe and he 
tested it and said I was one in a million and sent me a new one for free! Now 
that the tank isn't c02 limited is when this deficiency came about. I'm 
thinking about adding iron along with tmg to keep a reading and see how the 
tank improves. I'm sure my N03 will start getting used up once my traces are 
right. any other suggestions? 

jeff Vamos 
cessnabum1 at aol_com