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Re: Algae help

Eric McGlohon wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I'm having a minor algae problem with my planted tank.  I get what
> I'm guessing is staghorn algae growing on the topmost leaves on my
> plants.  You can check out some of the pictures here:
> http://home.intranet.org/~eric/aquarium-picts/
> specifically,
> http://home.intranet.org/~eric/aquarium-picts/algae1.jpg
> http://home.intranet.org/~eric/aquarium-picts/algae2.jpg
> http://home.intranet.org/~eric/aquarium-picts/algae-on-hygro.jpg
> http://home.intranet.org/~eric/aquarium-picts/mystery-algae.jpg

Just a note about URL's: they are case sensitive. Only one of those
photo links worked because the extensions on some of the files are in
upper case.


Jerry Baker