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name that deficiency


What looks green in the pics is actually a grayish white. the growing tip 
totally died and is working it's way down the stem. Lots of holes in other 
leaves as well. diplas diandra is suffering.

125 gallon
4x96 ah supply light 10hrs day
100% flourite sub
N03 -20ppm  
Po4  .7
K   40ppm
GH  6
KH 3.5-4
PH 6.6
iron O
30ml tmg 3x a week
shouldn't this be enough traces? Is it unusual not to get an iron reading? I 
could add iron every day and the next day the reading will be zero. I've 
never tried this for an extended period of time, should I? all test kits are 
lamotte. could it be magnesium being blocked by the potassium? There is 
basiclly no algae in the tank

Jeff Vamos
cessnabum1 at aol_com