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Re: Calcium sources for snails

Calcium carbonate, calcium chloride are the cheapest ways of adding calcium
to a tank. Calcium chloride is  easier to use because it is soluble in

If you would rather not mess directly with chemicals, there is a commercial
product made by Kent that is intended for snails and corals called
Concentrated Liquid Calcium. I've never used it, but it is for sale at that
fish place.
Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA

> I have some japanese trapdoor snails in my tank, and
> thier shells seem to be getting thinner. The small
> ones are very thin and seems to be dying off pretty
> readily. I have in large one, the only original left,
> who's shell seems to be in good shape.
> I know they need calcium, but how do I get it in
> there? is it one of the trace elements I hear so much
> about. And how do I make sure the snails are getting
> it?