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Re: ADA contest

On Thu, 2 May 2002, john wheeler wrote:

> I would've entered the ADA thing in a heart beat, but
> alas they will only accept slide prints...

That was something I touched on in my talk on photography at the NEC last
month -- WHAT A PAIN!  As part of my research, I tried slides (my formar
standard), negs (my current fave) and digital.  With proper exposure
bracketing and focus, the digital produced the best quality image
(provided it was a high enough resolution camera, like a Nikon 990).  
Negs were pretty close in quality, though the reds don't pop out at you
the way they can with a Nikon 990. The high dynamic range of the negative
film allowed me to get a "perfect scan".  Slides were the absolute worst
-- even with half-stop bracketing, I still couldn't get one shot that
scanned in as well as the others.  I know that part of this is my scanner;
it doesn't take the blacks as well as it should.

But ANYWAY, I sent the ADA a slide.  On-screen it looks OK, still not as
good as the digital, but OK.  The ADA folks have better slide scanners
than me, so I'm hoping their results look better than my print. I will
most likely enter a digital image our own AGA contest in September.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com