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Re: My 2-cents worth as a beginner

> From: "Kinney, Travis" <kinney at pdtarchs_com>
> Subject: PMDD recipe password protection...

	As one of the people who wrote the original "PMDD" article, I'm 
wondering about wading into this one, but not yet...

	I can't let _this_ bit go though!

> For instance, I enjoy lowering my PH in my tanks and hope to check it in a
> few days to see if the CO2 concentrations have gone up.

	There is _lots_ of stuff in the archive about this!  The KH and
the CO2 concentration _set_ the pH.  You cannot set the CO2 concentration
by adjusting the pH.  Adding acid and lowering the pH just destroys KH -
after a few hours the CO2 concentration returns to what it was before
you started.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada