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Brackish Plants/Mangroves/Care Guide

Hi Lew,
You can download the care guide you mentioned for free in JPEG form.          
    Title:  A Guide to the Ecology and Care of Mangroves by Julian Sprung. 
The URL is:

I have kept mangrove seedlings in my 125 gallon planted tank with nothing but 
ambient room light getting on the mangroves, and they grow. Slowly, but they 

Another source for mangrove seedlings is Ebay. Go to www.ebay.com and do a 
search under "aquarium plants." Look for a listing under Rhizophora mangle, 
the latin name for red mangrove. There are always several auctions for these 
there from the same guy in Hawaii. I bought mine thru him. I got 10 seedlings 
for $9.99 plus shipping. I just checked ebay and the price has gone up to 10 
for $19.99. I gave several away to some reef keeping friends and kept three 
for myself. This would be the way to go if you want more than one.


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