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PMDD recipe password protection...

Aw-don't password protect that stuff. I'm just a beginner myself. with all
this planted tank stuff, but the stuff I love the most is the experimenting
and exploring. I like the process of discovering. I would be bored just
reading and reading and studying, then try a hand at it. I want to jump in a
get my hands dirty (wet in this case). I took one look at the PMDD and saw
all those chemical notations and said no-thanks to myself. So I can't see
myself using that recipe, but I would be for limiting it from others. I
think it really comes down to different personality types and the way in
which people learn. Some like to experience things as they go, and others
aren't comfortable trying anything until they have done a lot of research.
For instance, I enjoy lowering my PH in my tanks and hope to check it in a
few days to see if the CO2 concentrations have gone up. I also am looking
forwarding to going home tonight and see if the plants are pearling more
than they were. I could of course, get into a more in-depth study of the PH,
KH, CO2 relationships with the plants, fish and substrate that I have, but
it isn't as tangible. I vote to keep the access to information like that

My 2-cents worth as a beginner.