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desktop jar aquarium..

I am having the best of luck with this little jar here at my office desk!
Just thought I'd share it with the group.

If you have a planted aquarium at home and don't like being away from it all
day at the office you might like to try this. I have an old glass cigar jar
(maybe 1/2 gallon). Above it I have a 50w grow light in a lamp. Stargrass
has been growing like crazy, as has the riccia, hairgrass, microsword, and
glossostigma.  I also have a couple aponogetan bulbs and section of anubius
nana root that is putting up a leaf! As things overgrow, I cut them back or
move them to my tank at home. It's fun to watch the stuff grow. I also have
numerous snail always hatching. They seem to eat a lot of algae as I very
rarely change the water. Have had some problems with (I think) brush algae.
It's nice to see oxygen bubbles lifting off the plants during the day. I
have a small air stone and tube from a little 1/2 cup yeast sugar mix. I
have two baby neon tetras in there too. It's a very nice desk accessory.