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test kit..

I finally bought a Tetratest Laborett test kit at Wal-Mart for $19. Tests
include ph, kh,gh,no2,nh3/nh4. Also has co2 chart. Here's what's in my tank
water that is still a bit cloudy.

ps lights out for three days did kill some algae off. There was a scum line
at the top edge of the water. I cleaned the glass and did a water change.
Hoping plants will out perform algae now. I still need to test for
phosphates though don't I? Plants don't seem to be pearling as well as it
has in the past. Any idea as to why? The Co2 chart that came with set
indicates that my co2 saturation is 5mg/l. I thought that was too low so I
lowered the PH a little.

5KH - Carbonate Hardness
<.3mg/L No2- Nitrite
PH 7.5-8.0
7.5GH - General Hardness
.09 Nitrite-nitrogen concentration
NH3/NH4 - no traces
CO2 5mg/l and hopefully rising.

How do I write this chemical/ technical stuff in a more understandable form
for ya all?

Are these ranges ok for my plants? Do any of them need adjusting?