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Re:about KH buffering capacity

Roger Miller:
"It is possible for peat to invalidate the KH-pH-CO2 relationship.  Peat
do that by releasing weak organic acids into the water that can be measured

as part of the KH.  The KH-pH-CO2 relationship assumes that all KH is
produced by bicarbonate.  If that isn't true the the relationship is
incorrect.  The effect causes the KH-pH-CO2 relationship to overestimate
amount of CO2 in the water."


I am not sure about the measurement of the KH part.  Can you teach me more
about that or let me know where I can read more about that?

All I knew was that any acids will lower the real carbonate/bi-carbonate
concentration & pH and the relationship of actual KH to pH to CO2 cannot be

          H+  +  HCO3-  <-->  H20  +  CO2

I did not realise the KH measurement part.  Sorry for the misleading

BC (Singapore)