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Hi, folks,

30 years in the hobby and for the first time ever, I'm seeing Hydra
in my tanks.  They must have come with the Daphnia which I was
feeding my precious Killifish with.  I wouldn't have minded their
presence if they are not multiplying so fast.  There are hundreds of
them in my nursery tank now and they are spreading.  I found some
in another tank this morning too.

The Manual of Fish Health book I have says that they are sensitive to
salt.  I added a few tablespoons last week but after 3 days, the Hydra
are still there in large numbers.  The Java Ferns, though, began to turn
white.  The book also recommends using a 3-spot Gourami (Trichogaster
trichopterus) which supposedly will consume large numbers of Hydra.
Is that correct?  I haven't seen the fish around in local fish shops for
some time now.  Would a Dwarf Gourami or any Gourami do the job
as well?

I don't want to move the fish as they are precious to me and I'm running
out of tanks anyway.  I also can't remove the plants without doing a major
overhaul of the whole tank.  Whatever the solution, it has to be one that
will do no harm to either fish or plants.  Do you know one?  TIA.

Loh K L