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Summer tub fun

Why not raise either water lilies, or (more fun, really!) Lotus?  Use the 
sunlight, try things you can't grown in aquaria.  Lotus LOVE direct sunlight, 
and like really warm water, even though they are winter hardy anywhere that 
the ice does not freeze all the way down to the dormant roots.  The flowers 
are huge and wonderfully fragrant, the leaves are horizontal dished circles, 
with the stem joining in the middle at the bottom of the circle.  They grow 
up out of the water, and are themselves quite fragrant.  Water "rolls off" 
the aerial leaves as off a duck, and in rain each dished leaf fills with 
water, then tips to empty it, looking like drunken sailors, bobbing about.

With the leaves shading the water, the temperature swings won't be as wide, 
so you could choose from lots more fish.

So, have some fun already!