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Re: Fritted Trace Elements

Hi Ed,
Steve Teban writes about using FTE in his very informative pages about aquarium substrates.  Look here http://home.infinet.net/teban/how-to.html.
I'd sure like to know where one can walk into a local nursery and pick up some trace elements, and have the opportunity to grab the "wrong" type, fritted or chelated or otherwise.  Here in the Hartford, CT area I have yet to find a nursery where they don't look at me like I've just asked for plutonium or something.  My Kent fertilizers are running out, so I'm going to have to try again.  This is the kind of thing I'd really rather have in my hand and examine before I buy it, but if anyone know's of an online seller with the "right stuff" for PMDD I'd be grateful if they passed it on.

>Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 22:39:21 -0700
>From: Ed Dumas 
>Subject: Fritted Trace Elements
>I recently went to my local nursery to purchase some chelated trace
>elements and accidently picked up "Fritted Trace Elements" instead. I
>feel really stupid about this because I am usually quite observant. Oh
>well! Now that I have it, is it safe to use in aquariums. The Frit is
>apparently a "Glass Fritt" for those that may know more about this than
>I suspect that it is either not safe to use, or not productive to use in
>aquariums since the trace elements are not chelated (or both). The good
>news is, the stuff is dirt cheap and I can use it in my rather extensive
>gardening around the yard. If anyone knows more about this, I would
>appreciate any info.
>Ed Dumas

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