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Re: testing a Red Sea nitrate kit

Art wrote:

> Chuck - I attempted to use your dosage calculator but was unsuccessful.
> What I am aiming for is to obtain the above PPM concentrations in 50ml of
> water; 50ml being a guideline - I suppose I could use a larger or smaller
> container (measuring cup for example)

The problem is, in order to make a solution using just
50ml of water, you would need to be able to measure out
extremely small amounts (hundredths or thousands of a gram)

Even 1 teaspoon into 1 liter of water will give you a massive
3432 ppm.   One GRAM!!! into 1 liter is still 613 ppm.

To do it without such extreme measurements, you need to mix
a larger volume solution, then dillute 1ml of that into
another bottle.


Fact: 1 teaspoon of KNO3 weighs approximately 5.6 grams
Fact: 61.3% of KNO3 is nitrate

one teaspoon contains about 3.4328 grams of nitrate.
which equals 3432.8 milligrams of nitrate.

Dissolved in 500ml of water, each ml of that solution would contain
6.8656 milligrams of Nitrate.

So,  if we take 1 ml of that solution, and dissolve that into 1 LITER
of water, we would have 6.86 milligrams in a liter, giving a
concentration of 6.86mg/l which is the same as 6.86 ppm.


To use my the calc on my webpage to create a reference
solution, using two containers, I enter the size of
the first container into the "Amount of water to mix with"
field.   Then I enter the size of the second container
into the "Tank size" field.

I mixed a solution as follows:
1 teaspoon into 500ml of water.  Then take 1ml of
that solution, and add it to another 500ml of
water.   That second solution will now contain
approximately 13.7ppm.

Chuck Gadd
Director of Software Development, Cyber FX Communications
e-mail:cgadd at cfxc_com  http://www.cfxc.com