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Dupla Armatur (Dupla Regulator ) HELP

My problem is that the knurled knob on the Dupla Regulator ahs to be backed out a little ever morning to increase the bubbles to the right amount and it stays that way all day (14hours atleast) but when I check it in the morning the bubbles have slowed to about 1 per 4sec. from 2 per sec. the night before.
TheDupla Armatur (Dupla Regulator) that I have does not have a gauge on it and seems to be nonadjustable.

Dupla Armatur (Dupla Regulator) with sera bubble counter to a sera reactor contacted to a Eheim 2217
CO2 bottle is from BOC and is a Gsize 14.5 kg
The tank is 400l and the system seems to be doing a great job except this little problem (mains water ph 8.0 , kh 140ppm  tank water ph7.0  , kh 140ppm)

Cannot fine any leaks please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

can a gauge be fitted to this Dupla Armatur (Dupla Regulator ) so I can tell how much co2 is in the bottle.
PS: we do have big temp swings out here from day to night a drop of 25deg C+

Thanking You
                   Dean (outback OZ)

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