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Re:more flying pigs?

In the last issue Dapne Freeman wondered:

> Re:more flying pigs?
> Last night, I received a similar message that was
> about pigs, testing and heartbeats..  Am I the only one?

I believe that it is a virus e-mail. I received about 6 or 7 virus
e-mails in the last two days, all of which I immediately dumped. I
received an e-mail about medical tests done which I thought were done on
dogs, but pigs is entirely possible now that I hear this. When you open
the e-mail, there were two attachments inside, which would carry the
virus. The APD is set to not accept attachments, so it would not affect
this digest.

There is another confirmed virus circulating now titled something about
New Photos From My Party or something to that effect. I received that
one 6 times yesterday, but dumped them all. Maybe our wonderful list-Mom
could confirm the flying pigs and virus theory?

Ed Dumas