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Re: Different types of Eustralis Stellata

Hi Chee Ming,

I believe what you have is Limnophila aromatica . It looks like E. stellata
except that the emersed leaves and flowers are different. Also, it has
broader and shorter leaves than those of E. stellata. The hobbyist here,
thinking that it is a variant of E. stellata, call it "broad leaf E.


> Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 22:20:26 +0800
> From: "me" <tyneside at singnet_com.sg>
> Subject: Different types of Eustralis Stellata
> Perhaps, one of which is the real Eustralis Stellata, while the other is
> just of the the same species. Comments?
> Chee Ming in fair and windy Singapore with strong northeasterly wind.