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RE: Sensing daylength

> Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 11:27:15 -0500
> From: Doug Karpa-Wilson

> To follow up on this (and not to be pedantic, particularly
> with someone who has forgotten more about aquaria than I
> will probably ever know)...

Gosh - such flattery. Now my hat won't fit ;-) But then, I've seen you
posting a fair share of worthwhile musings yourself, and at that rate you'll
be forgetting things before long as well.

Speaking of which

> it's primarily not actually enzymes building up, but
> rather a family of light receptors called phytochromes...

Now I _have_ been trying to remember the specific term for the agents
involved for a couple of months, now. Perhaps the simplicity of the
connection (phyto - chrome) caused me to keep overlooking it. My thanks for
that reminder.

Also, my thanks to Paul Krombholz of the ever meterologically-interesting
Mississippi for jarring my memory on, of all things, Hoagland's Solution. My
local water here in Chattanooga (as Tom Barr and others will attest to after
AGA conference) usually only needs a touch of calcium, magnesium and
potassium to be prime, but takes a _load_ of iron to do the plants justice.
Much as I'm fond of SeaChem's Flourish Iron, I can usually formulate
concentrations that are more handy to me personally if I go DIY. The mere
mention of Hoagland's reminded me that *chelated iron* is usually a
stand-alone addition to the solution just prior to use. It didn't take long
for me to come up with about 4 different variations on the iron portion.

Don't take me wrong Dr Morin - it's just that on my budget, with as many
tanks as I run, the costs eventually mount at the going local rates...


David A. Youngker
nestor10 at mindspring_com