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RE: Eustralis Stellata

> Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 22:20:26 +0800
> From: "me" <tyneside at singnet_com.sg>
> Subject: Different types of Eustralis Stellata
> Well, I'm just guessing here. I think there's been much talkabout on the
> plant ES here. Some claimed that they have excellent plant growth without
> any dying of the tips, while others never grow nice ES like me. Mine does
> grow beautifully though at some point of time, 1 month or so, the tips
> just get stunted and stop growing, only to put out some nice young shoots
> later.
> I've seen the picture of ES on awaqua.com and discovered that mine looks
> rather different from it. Mine looks pretty much like this:
> http://www.aquahobby.com/garden/peusteralis.html
> And also, I've been to a aquatic plant farm and found 2 different ES plant
> that looks superficially like each other. One of those is the one I have.
> asked the owner if both of them are ES and she said yes but definitely not
> the same. She's not sure too. And she agreed with me that the one I had
> very difficult to grow and the other was relatively easy.
> Perhaps, one of which is the real Eustralis Stellata, while the other is
> just of the the same species. Comments?

I am currently growing some ES that I purchased from Robert H. ( not sure
exactly what variety) After receiving my plants, in the process of planting
them I found the stems to be fairly soft and a lot of the growing tips broke
off. I decided to plunk them all in my substrate and see what would happen.
Well...three weeks later every last tip is taking off like crazy. At this
rate I'm going to have a 55 gal. tank filled with this very nice plant. Just
in the last two days I've seen 1" to 2" of new growth on them all. The main,
large stems are developing a mass of side shoots and really filling out. It
appears that I've planted them too close together..but I'm reluctant to
touch them at all as they are really taking off. After reading that they
really like CO2 I've increased my bubble rate to about 80 BPS ( bubbles per
second) and this seems to have had a very pronounced effect on the growth
rate.Many of the bare stems are sprouting side shoots all over the place.
Here are links to some VERY hastily shot pictures...be kind!...also beware
the pics are around 100KB each
I'm waiting for a big snowstorm so I can find the time to update my pictures
on the web....just can't seem to find the time anymore!
Bob Buettner
In icy/rainy...will winter ever come?? NW Connecticut