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Non-Digest Mode

> Personallly, I'd just like individual messages instead of the digest. :-) 
> Don't mind the lack of HTML at all.

> DonT

I can answer this one.   I run several list so I have experience with this.
I think this list has at least 1000 maybe closer to 2000 subscribers.   With
50 messages/day 50*2000 subscribers = 100,000 message deliveries/day.   This
is a heck of a load for a mailer that is not optimized for this (i.e. you
didn't pay the big bucks for it.) Not to mention purchasing/maintaining the
equipment.   For those of you who want to read them live,  simply look at
the archives on a regular basis.   Just like I did with this one.     This
will likely get posted in the same digest as the original message.

One should not look a gift horse in the mouth and the fact that we have this
resource at our disposal is at someone else's expense.   I for one would
just like to say THANK YOU for those that go to the trouble to manage it and
maintain the servers. 

Thanks again.