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Re: Eclipse 12 (was Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1573)

Nearly a year ago I purchased the CustomSealife Eclipse 12 retrofit, through
Flying Fish Express.  At that time they were being sold with 32 watt Smartlite
which is half actinic, half 10000K.  I was able to get them to give me a
10000K lamp instead.  Just so you know, it comes with an Electro-lite
electronic ballast (which I keep on the floor since the cord is nice and
long), the reflector and screws.  All you need to do is unscrew the light
assembly off the Eclipse 12 and screw in the reflector in its place and voila!
 New lights.  I did need to trim the plastic pieces that stick out of the hood
that receive the screws so that the lightbulbs don't touch the middle bar on
the tank.  The screws that come with the retrofit are shorter so that's not a
problem.  I think I cut the plastic tabs in half.  Since I grow low to
intermediate light type plants, and use yeast CO2, I found the combination of
10000K light and 32 watts a bit much for me.  (Read: algae hell and unhappy
plants)  I decided to switch to the 28 watt 6700K bulb about three months ago
and my algae is nearly gone and my plants are taking off.  No pearling as yet,
but that's cool.  I did have to go to a different vendor to get the 6700K bulb
as most of the vendors are geared towards reef-keeping.  I got the 6700K bulb
at http://atlantisaquatic.com/pc_parts.html  who were EXTREMELY helpful and
professional.  It's a home business but the timeliness and prices are just as
good (plus you get to speak to a real-live person).  I used the same ballast
on the new bulb.  My opinion is that this is a GREAT retrofit, especially for
those of us who don't know diddly about wiring, etc.  If you like, I can take
pictures of the assembly and email them to you, contact me off list.  

Good luck!
Christine Bennett
christine.bennett at usa dot net

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 19:38:54 -0500
From: "Joe Kopanski" <kopanski at earthlink_net>
Subject: Re:  Eclipse 12 (was Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1573)

If you want to grow high light plants, Custom Sealife sells a 55W Co-Flo
retrofit which is specifically marketed as a retrofit for the Ecilpse 12,
about$60.  I'm sure this is intended for a nano-reef setup.  This would give
you +4W/gal.  I'd bet AHSupply could set you up with something similar. I'm
considering this for an all Glosso tank in my office as my next project.



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