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RE: Trying again (open top 10Gal)

Molly asked:
>What are some plants that would work for a 10 gallon >open top tank, ie, ones that would grow out the >top/send up flowers/not be gigantic.

In my 10G, I find that Sagittaria subulata var. 
pusilla grows very well, though it does drape leaves 
accross the surface of the tank.  Mine flowers every 
few weeks, and in this tank atleast, doesn't 
spreadout and take over too fast.  I also think some 
of the smaller Crypts would be good.

As for stem plants, A. sessilis var. reineckii and 
Ammania gracilis are two red plants that tend to grow 
very well out of open top tanks.  Giant hygro and 
Lysimachia will also do well.  Moneywort, Bacopa 
monnieri, will also do very well growing out the top, 
and will supposadly flower, though mine has not.

Hope this helps,