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for Peat's sake!

> I actually would like to maintain a stable low pH, but do not use
presurized CO2, so I want to buffer my water against CO2 dependant pH
swings. .  peat is a good choice for this also, but I am trying acid buffer
because I can control the imput a little better and it isn't as messy. =)
> - --Tarah

Peat doesn't have to be messy.  I also use peat filtered water, but I do it
by having a 15 G tub into which I put a gallon or so of peat and let it sit.
It gets down to a pH of around 3.5-4 after a little while and I use this cut
with tap water to get the pH I want (6.0 also for blackwater amazon fishes)
in my water change water You can use baking soda for buffering I believe,
although I don't.  The peat sinks to the bottom and I siphon from the top of
the 15G tub, so no straining or anything.  After the water change I top it
up with tap water.  After 6 weeks or so the peat seems to poop out so I
scoop most of it out and pitch it and put in new peat.  That's a little
messy to do, but no more so that cleaning out leaves and such.